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Buck, Berks, Oxford and Milton Keynes and primary and secondary joint (hosted online)

We are running Understanding Christianity as a two and a half day course. Delegates need to attend all sessions to become fully competent in delivering the understanding Christianity resource. Book now at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/odbe-understanding-christianity-day-1-tickets-121339982153

Anne Andrews, anne.andrews@oxford.anglican.org, (07884 655097)

11 February & 18 March 2021 plus 6 Twilight webinars 22 & 29 April, 13 & 27 May, 10 & 24 June 4.15-5.15pmVarious times - see eventbrite for detailsPrimary and secondary joint. Find out more through EventbriteOnline

National (hosted online)

Understanding christianity creators Church of England education office and RE Today services are offering the chance to become an accredited trainer! Training will be delivered by Stephen Pett and Fiona Moss and be hosted over two dates. Become trained directly by the experts at RE Today and the Church of England education office who created this fantastic classroom resource! Used in over 5500 schools across the UK, Understanding Christianity is a substantial resource to support your teaching of Christianity in Religious Education.

Fiona Moss and Stephen Pett, Mark@retoday.org.uk, (0121 458 3313)

14 January 2021 and 28 January 20211-5pm and 9am-4pmOnline https://www.retoday.org.uk/school-support/professional-development-courses/understanding-christianity-accredited-trainer-2-day-course-online/

Primary schools - National (online)

Are you a community school? If so we have good news, thanks to grant funding we are offering you £150 subsidy on the price which means you pay just £60!

Support your Agreed Syllabus: One excellent resource to support teaching about Christianity: Text Impact Connections.

Many locally agreed syllabuses include requirements for teaching Christianity that are directly supported by this resource.This resource supports good quality teaching about Christianity and can be used within the requirements of your syllabus guidelines.

Fiona Moss, Mark@retoday.org.uk, (0121 458 3313)

22 March 2021, 26 May 2021 and 26 May 20211pm-4.30pm on all dates.Online https://www.retoday.org.uk/school-support/professional-development-courses/understanding-christianity-re-training-for-primary-schools-1/

Secondary schools - National (online)

Join Stephen Pett for our virtual day course. Packed with the same knowledge and interactivity of a webinar, this training time gives more room for discussion, real-life examples with in-depth explanations and the usual wealth of expertise.
Are you a community school? If so we have good news, thanks to grant funding we are offering you £150 subsidy on the price which means you pay just £60!

Stephen Pett, mark@retoday.org.uk, (0121 458 3313 )

19 March 20219-3.30pmOnlinehttps://www.retoday.org.uk/school-support/professional-development-courses/understanding-christianity-secondary-online-1/
12 July 20219-3.30pmOnlinehttps://www.retoday.org.uk/school-support/professional-development-courses/understanding-christianity-secondary-online-2/