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Case of the Empty Tomb

Through the Case of the Empty Tomb, pupils in Year 4 and 5 will meet our lead detectives at a ‘crime scene’ as they begin exploring the following core Christian beliefs, primarily using the Gospel of Luke:

  • Jesus is a real historical figure (evidence from outside the Bible as well as Luke’s gospel).
  • Jesus died on a cross (and why that is so significant for Christians).
  • Jesus rose from the dead (and the implications of that for Christians today).

The teaching is presented in a way which encourages pupils to grow in their knowledge of what Christians believe, making sense of biblical texts for themselves; develop in their understanding of the Christian faith and how Christians respond to biblical texts; reflect on what Christians believe and how it relates to their understanding of the world and themselves. This material is delivered on School Venture residentials through a series of interviews, talks and group discussions, alongside a programme of outdoor activities, crafts and games.

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