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Advisers & Training

The total training plan is 7 Modules of training, taught over approximately 15 hours.

There are different models to receive this training:

  • Some trainers deliver a single full day plus a number of half-day, twilight, webinar or shorter sessions
  • Others are planning training based on full day or half day sessions.

The requirement is that you need to have several training ‘encounters’, with activities to undertake between the sessions. Research evidence shows that this is the best way for ensuring that professional development is effective and embedded. The delivery model is down to the accredited trainer, so have a look at accredited courses near you, and select the format that suits you the best.

You will be welcomed on your first day and given your copy of Understanding Christianity when you register.


NB: This resource pack is only available on your training course (as part of the cost of the course).

You will be led through the teaching and learning approach and have an opportunity to discuss and build your own thinking.

At the end of your first training you will be given a specific log-in code by your trainer. This will unlock the whole of this website and give you access to all of the materials and resources for you to work through with your colleagues. You will be shown the downloadable worksheets for you to use in the classroom, which will also work on whiteboards.

pcUnderstanding Christianity works alongside the Picturing Christianity resource. This fresh approach to learning from Christianity provides 24 beautiful images and works of art carefully chosen from global Christian sources. The pack is founded on a conceptual model of learning, exploring key concepts in Christian theology simply and deeply.

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