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NEW self-study e-Learning platform

Want to study Understanding Christianity for Primary online?

We are excited to announce that with a click of a button, you are now able to roll out this substantial resource with RE Today Learning Zone!

You can now use our NEW self-study eLearning platform for enriching your teaching resources and professional development opportunities, share with your whole staff team with ease, all without having to leave your classroom.


This course is designed to benefit you in multiple ways:

Refresh Your Knowledge: If you’re already familiar with Understanding Christianity, this course offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding and refresh your teaching strategies.

New Staff Members: Bring new team members up to speed with Understanding Christianity quickly and efficiently.

Curriculum Alignment: If Understanding Christianity is part of your Agreed Syllabus, this course is tailored for you.

£150 subsidy for community schools! A reminder that you can pay just £60 for this course!*

Here’s what you can expect from the course:

Accessible Modules: Get 15 hours of training broken down into 6 progressive modules followed by quality tutorials, quizzes and interactive activities.

Downloadable Materials: Over 100 pages of resources to support your teaching.

Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace, fitting the course around your busy schedule.

Enhanced Teaching Skills: Gain valuable insights and strategies to elevate your teaching practice.

Additional Resources: Explore supplementary materials, including books and publications, to enhance your lessons.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your teaching and deepen your understanding of Christianity in the classroom. Enrol now!


*For the purposes of this subsidy, we define a community school as a school or academy that does not receive influence (financial or operational) from any religious organisation such as the Church of England. A good indicator is, if your school has Church/CofE (or equivalent) in the name, you will not be eligible for this subsidy.