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Training Modules

Primary Module Description
Module 1


This session introduces Understanding Christianity: Text Impact Connections.  Using practical examples and resources from the pack, teachers will find out about the key elements of the approach. They will be introduced to some of the core concepts and the basic teaching approach, and will be able to see how Understanding Christianity will support and develop their teaching and pupils’ learning in RE.
Module 2

The ‘big story’ of the Bible

Module 2 gets into the theology that is at the heart of Understanding Christianity. It uses art and texts to explore the ‘big story’ that is central to Christian belief and practice, connecting the Bible to eight core concepts. It will sharpen the focus on one or two core concepts, showing how these have an impact on Christian faith and living. This session aims to give confidence to teachers in approaching theology – even if they’ve never done it before!
Module 3

The Teaching Model

Module 3 takes teachers through the teaching and learning approach.  Using practical and engaging classroom examples, it will familiarise teachers with how the approach and teaching and learning activities support pupils in developing a coherent knowledge and understanding.
Module 4

Purpose and impact

This session explores the background and impetus behind the Understanding Christianity project, and the ways in which it is designed to support excellent teaching and learning.  The intended long-term impact on pupils will be examined, including their religious and theological literacy. The session will also explore shorter-term effects of following the approach, focusing on core concepts, texts and knowledge.  
Module 5

The ‘big story’ of the Bible: digging deeper

In order to increase teacher confidence in handling this theological approach to teaching about Christianity, this session digs a little deeper into core Christian concepts.  Making use of ideas and resources from the materials, and reflecting the move from text to impact to connections, this session will explore one or two concepts in ways that help teachers to develop their own understanding.
Module 6

Planning using this model

This session gives teachers an opportunity to use the Understanding Christianity materials and approach to plan excellent RE lessons, fitting their specific contexts and supporting all pupils in making progress in RE.
Module 7

Curriculum design

This session explores ways of integrating the Understanding Christianity materials into long term RE planning, making sense of the systematic, theological approach in a world of diverse syllabuses and school policies.  Practical solutions will be found!