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Key Stage 3

These resources offer ideas and classroom materials to support the Understanding Christianity units for Key Stage 3.

This resource offers ideas and support to help teach about Christianity in Key Stage 3, as part of pupils’ wider learning in RE. It builds on work done throughout the primary school.

The teaching and learning approach has a theological focus, and seeks to enable students to develop their abilities in handling texts as well as deepening their understanding of Christian beliefs and practices. As such, it lays a firm foundation for GCSE and A level study.

This resource and approach look to encourage excellent and creative teaching, supporting teachers with succinct outlines of the subject knowledge required, and offering a wide range of tried-and-tested activities for the classroom.

We recognise that specialist RE teachers have considerable subject knowledge and expertise. We hope that our approach and suggested classroom activities will inspire specialists to accept the challenge and develop them further, adapting and applying
them to suit their contexts. We also hope that the approach and background information will offer help and encouragement to those whose expertise lies somewhere other than Christian theology.

The Resource pages are starting-points for teachers to use in the classroom.  They may need to be adapted and developed in order to fit the particular context of your classroom and the needs of your pupils.  Some include classroom resources to photocopy, others give background information for teachers to enable you to use some of the activities provided in the units.

Please note that the KS3 units 3.8 and 3.9 are now available to download, along with the Resources for these units on Salvation and the Kingdom of God.

*NEW* Separate Resource Booklets for each unit

We have provided new Resource booklets to make it easier when printing and sharing your classroom resources. We hope you find them useful. To access these units, make sure that you are logged in, and then scroll down to find the Units and Resources below.