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The Advisers

The project process has included trials and consultations, including with teachhers and pupils in a variety of schools. The initial project outline, with its conceptual and salvation narrative core, was devised by Hazel Henson through widespread consultation, and supported with some initial resource writing.

This outline was taken up by the RE Today team in September 2014, adapted and developed into the teaching and learning approach outlined. The approach was trialled in a mix of 21 Church of England and community schools, adapted in response to feedback, and then 16 units of material were trialled in another wide-ranging sample of 33 schools. Many teachers have been involved in trialling and giving feedback.

Throughout the process, expert advice has been sought on the approach, the theological content, and the details of teaching and learning. The final decisions on the content, wording and theological perspective are the responsibility of the Editor, Stephen Pett.