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The Church of England Education Office

The Church of England Education Office works in partnership with the dioceses to support the 4,700 Church of England schools in England, and the 200 church schools in Wales.

This work has been developed primarily through the National Society for Promoting Education, established by Royal Charter in 1811 by Joshua Watson to provide education across the country, particularly for poor children. Along with supporting church schools, the work of the Church of England Education Office also includes Further and Higher Education, as well as nurturing the faith of children and young people in non-school settings.

In all these settings the Church of England Education Office seeks to promote an education that allows children and young people to live out Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness. We believe this to be an education that enables every child to flourish in the widest sense: to grow in wisdom; to cultivate a wide-ranging knowledge that will help broaden life chances; to develop the spiritual, intellectual and emotional resources they need to live a good life; and to develop the character to live well together in community.

The Church of England Education Office is responsible for:

  • Negotiating with Government and other national agencies to maintain and develop the contribution of church schools to public education in England and Wales
  • Supporting and advising diocesan education teams on legal and technical issues, curriculum and school character
  • Contributing a Christian perspective to national educational debate