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The inspiration

The National Society has, since its foundation in 1811, held the promotion of religious education as one of its key priorities.

c9s_TBVZIn recent years we have recognised that within the rich Christian heritage of Britain, a particular responsibility of the Church of England is to ensure Christianity is well taught in our schools, but in order to deliver this more effectively we needed a large-scale resource which could promote theological literacy and a deep understanding of the whole Christian narrative for children and young people aged five to thirteen. We wanted this resource to be available not just for Church of England schools but for all schools across the country as part of the Church of England’s offer of education for the common good.

I am delighted that those aspirations, along with the commitment, determination and partnership of others, have come together in the publication of this material. Understanding Christianity is a remarkable achievement and I add my thanks to all our funders and writers who have made it possible. It explores the core concepts of Christianity in a progressive way, using an enquiry approach that engages with biblical text and helps develop religious and theological literacy.

We are pleased to commend it to schools and teachers for use across the length and breadth of the country to ensure that the children we serve are equipped to understand Christianity and think theologically as they engage with the faith that has been at the heart of the shaping of our nation.

Revd Nigel Genders
Chief Education Officer
Church of England Education Office